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LDESIGNS - Value in scents

LDESIGNS Aroma Products was born in 2020 when the world went still and we all stayed at home, reflected and realized how important it is to live more mindfully and to have good health.

Lidiya, our founder has always been passionate about aromas, scents and fragrance compositions.

Lidiya loved fragrances since she was a child, but she is also sensitive about scents and she experiences strong discomfort when exposed to chemical odors like synthetic fragrances, perfumes and cleaning products.

She started to learn about the toxic effects our everyday products can have on our health, home and environment, and she came up with the idea to create products that would be eco-friendly, natural based and safe to be used for the entire family.

Since she also loves meditation, she always used candles as part of the process to help reduce stress and anxiety and focus on good and wellbeing.

Lidiya started her journey by creating all-natural soy wax candles as an expression of her inner flame, reflection of her femininity and mothers’ instincts and love for everything natural. This was her way of expressing her talent, as each of us are unique and we have different ways of expressing it.

LDESIGN products are hand-made with love and intention, scented with premium fragrance oils to enhance your inner peace, to clear your mind and relax your body. The ingredients are all natural, pleasant and enjoyable for your skin, body & soul and safe & non-toxic for your home and environment.

We believe that what you bring into your home and what you put on your body should protect yourself and enhance your soul. Aroma Products by LDESIGNS will deliver a product line that will enrich your home’s atmosphere and energy and enhance wellbeing.

Scented Candles is the startup product, and it will be complemented with reed diffusers, natural handmade soaps, fizzy bath bombs and a variety of gift sets.

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